Want to know more about online shopping?

For your convenience, DreamGuard offers online shopping at the same great prices that you would pay in store, but with the option of adding a courier fee should you want your goods delivered to your door.

Online shopping is safe and secure and as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1: Go to the shopping page
Click on the shopping trolley icon on any of the pages, or on ‘Shop online’ in the top menu of the page. This will take you into our online shopping area.

Step 2: Choose the products you want
Locate the options you are shopping for by selecting the appropriate category, choosing from the products inside and then clicking ‘Add to cart’ for the selected items. Remember to pay careful attention to the product variants, especially with mattress covers, sheets and duvet encasings. We offer:

  • King
  • Queen
  • Double
  • Three-quarter
  • Single

Each of the above is then available in the following custom options:

  • 22cm: standard depth
  • XD: extra depth to fit thick mattresses (35cm)
  • XL: extra length for extra length beds
  • XD XL: extra depth and extra length combined.

Step 3: Go to checkout for payment
Once you have added your products to the car, click on ‘Proceed to checkout’ where first time shoppers will be required to register before being asked to enter payment details. Previously registered shoppers need only log in at this point to process payment.

We use PAYFAST, a leading and secure payment gateway for Credit card, Debit card and EFT transactions. With PAYFAST, buyers don’t need to register for an account, but simply pay as they would in any merchant store!

Queries and support

Please call us on 021 933 2109 should you require assistance with registering as an online shopper, or selecting the appropriate options on check out.

Shopping with DreamGuard is convenient, safe and secure! Click to shop!