DreamGuard is effective in reducing the risk of mite-related allergies!

Anti-allergy mattress-, duvet- and pillow encasings are recommended by the Allergy Society of South Africa (ALLSA) and the UCT Lung Institute.

The DreamGuard range of anti-allergy mattress-, pillow- and duvet encasings are manufactured by Rivedersi Linens, a well-established South African manufacturer of quality linen products since 2003.

How do most allergies start?

House dust mites are a major cause of many allergies. They thrive especially in mattresses and bedding, and their excretions are considered one of the most common allergens for humans.

How do dust mites cause allergies?

House dust mites are microscopically small, and live in their millions in bedding, upholstered furniture and soft toys. They feed on tiny flakes of human skin, which we all shed on a daily basis. Their faeces contain an allergen called p1, to which many allergy sufferers are highly allergic.

What allergies can dust mites cause?

Common allergic reactions to house dust mite particles include asthma, eczema, rhinitis (runny or itchy nose), and conjunctivitis (itchy, runny or gummy eyes.)

Who is at risk?

We are all at risk, but children who are exposed to high levels of house dust mite allergens can increase their risk of suffering from an allergy.

Why the focus on beds and bedding?

Simply, because we typically spend about 8 hours a day in our beds; an environment in which the dust mite thrives and reproduces, thanks to the warm, constant temperature and ongoing humidity generated from our bodies.

Dust mites have a life span of about four months, during which time they produce about 200 times their own weight in faeces, and lay up to 300 eggs. Exposure to these high levels of allergens is a common precipitant of allergies in susceptible people.

How does DreamGuard help combat allergies?

  • DreamGuard forms an effective barrier between you and your bedding. By encasing your mattress, pillows and duvet, exposure to the allergens in dust mite secretions is markedly reduced, which can result in a substantial reduction in allergic symptoms.
  • Bear in mind that the allergenic p1 particles secreted by the dust mite are microscopically small, and fabrics that are ‘mite-proof’ will not be effective barriers to dust mite allergens.
  • An effective barrier would be pure plastic – but particularly in our warm South African climate, plastic would be hot and very uncomfortable to sleep on.
  • DreamGuard’s unique laminate has been specifically formulated to be both soft and breathable (therefore cool and comfortable) as well as being impermeable to dust mite allergens.

How can I reduce the risk of allergies in my home?

  • Apart from using DreamGuard on beds, you can remove carpets, rugs and soft furnishings. Minimise soft, fluffy toys for children. Substitute curtains with blinds.
  • Wash your laundry at 60deg, as this will kill the mites.
  • Clean regularly with a strong vacuum cleaner. Your vacuum cleaner should be fitted with a HEPA filter, which is a special filter designed to prevent the allergens simply leaking from the vacuum cleaner back into the atmosphere.
  • You can make the climate inside the house less favourable to mites by keeping plants and fish tanks (which increase humidity) out of the bedrooms – preferably out of the house. Dehumidifiers and air-conditioners are helpful as they reduce humidity and temperatures. Ventilate the house regularly – as long as the air coming in from outside is cooler and drier than the air which is inside already.

For further information, go to this link on the ALLSA website Information Brochures and download the brochure on House Dust Mite Allergy.

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10 reasons to choose DreamGuard:

  1. Particle-proof: Our laminated fabric is an effective barrier to the microscopic dust mite excretions which are the actual cause of so-called “mite allergy”.
  2. Breathable: the DreamGuard laminate allows body moisture to pass through it in the form of water vapour – meaning optimal body-climate and comfort.
  3. Comfortable: exceptionally pliable and soft, DreamGuard products are never noisy, stiff or ‘crackly’. They offer superb comfort.
  4. Elastic: the laminated fabric is slightly stretchy, ensuring that the mattress covers are a perfect and easy fit.
  5. Fluid-proof: DreamGuard products are totally fluid-proof, making them the ideal choice in cases of adult incontinence or kids’ potty-training.
  6. Protective: Being totally fluid- and particle-proof, as well as light and comfortable, DreamGuard mattress protectors and other products are the ideal travel companions.
  7. Durable: all DreamGuard components (fabric, adhesive and polymer) are hydrolysis resistant, so they can be expected to last through frequent washes when laundered as recommended.
  8. Broad Range: DreamGuard offers a comprehensive range of sizes to accommodate most duvet, pillow and mattress sizes and depths.
  9. Anti-Bacterial: DreamGuard fabric incorporates silver treatment in the manufacturing process, thus providing anti-bacterial properties.
  10. Medical Endorsements: Anti-allergy mattress, duvet and pillow encasings are recommended by the Allergy Society of South Africa (ALLSA) and the UCT Lung Institute.