Reduce the risk of mite-related

allergies with DreamGuard!

DreamGuard products are specifically

designed for people with allergies.

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Reduce the risk of mite-related allergies with DreamGuard!

House dust mites are a major contributory cause of allergies in both adults and children. They thrive especially in mattresses and bedding, and their excretions are considered one of the most common allergens for humans. DreamGuard particle- and fluid-proof, yet breathable mattress, duvet and pillow covers effectively reduce the risk of mite-related allergies. Anti-allergy mattress-, duvet- and pillow encasings are recommended by the Allergy Society of South Africa (ALLSA) and the UCT Lung Institute. The DreamGuard range of anti-allergy mattress-, pillow- and duvet encasings are manufactured by Rivedersi Linens, a well-established South African manufacturer of quality textile products since 2003.

Some interesting facts about allergies!

Over 15% of the South African population is seriously affected by allergies.
90% of them – especially small children – are reacting to the allergens of dust mites.

House dust mites live in their millions in the bedding and soft furnishings of our homes.


House dust mites are too small to be seen with the naked eye and pass unnoticed.


Dust mites feed on the tiny flakes of human skin which we all shed on a daily basis.


Allergies are often caused by the excretions of dust mites, which contain the p1 allergen.


Adults and children who suffer from allergies may be highly allergic to the p1 allergen.


Common allergic reactions to the p1 allergen include asthma, eczema and conjunctivitis.

How does DreamGuard work?


DreamGuard products utilise the same fabric technology as is used in surgical drapes and gowns.

DreamGuard products are made from a highly technical laminated textile, specifically designed for people with allergies.

The DreamGuard laminate has a textile layer of finely-woven polyester, bonded with a breathable polyurethane (PU) membrane.

DreamGuard products are manufactured for the health-care industry, but are also available to the public through our online store.