DreamGuard protection

Over 15% of the South African population is seriously affected by allergies. An estimated 90% of them – especially children – are reacting to dust mite allergens. House dust mites live in their millions in bedding and soft furnishings. They are too small to be seen with the naked eye and feed on the tiny flakes of human skin which we all shed on a daily basis.

While mites themselves don’t cause allergies, their excretions contain p1, an allergen to which many allergy sufferers are highly allergic. Common allergic reactions to p1 include asthma, eczema and conjunctivitis.

How to reduce the risk of mite-related allergies?
DreamGuard particle- and fluid-proof, yet breathable mattress, duvet and pillow covers effectively reduce the risk of mite-related allergies. While the DreamGuard product range is primarily manufactured for the health-care and hospitality industries, the products are also available to the public through our online store.

What makes DreamGuard products unique?

  • Particle-proof: Our laminated fabric is an effective barrier to the microscopic dust mite excretions which are the actual cause of so-called “mite allergy”.
  • Breathable: the DreamGuard laminate allows body moisture to pass through it in the form of water vapour – meaning optimal body-climate and comfort.
  • Comfortable: exceptionally pliable and soft, DreamGuard products are never noisy, stiff or ‘crackly’. They offer superb comfort.
  • Elastic: the laminated fabric is slightly stretchy, ensuring that the mattress covers are a perfect and easy fit.
  • Fluid-proof: DreamGuard products are totally fluid-proof, making them the ideal choice in cases of adult incontinence or kids’ potty-training.
  • Protective: Being totally fluid- and particle-proof, as well as light and comfortable, DreamGuard mattress protectors and other products make ideal travel companions.
  • Durable: all DreamGuard components (fabric, adhesive and polymer) are hydrolysis resistant, so they can be expected to last through frequent washes when laundered as recommended.
  • Broad Range: DreamGuard offers a comprehensive range of sizes to accommodate most duvet, pillow and mattress sizes and depths.
  • Anti-Bacterial: DreamGuard fabric incorporates silver treatment in the manufacturing process, thus providing anti-bacterial properties.
  • Medical Endorsements: Anti-allergy mattress, duvet and pillow encasings are recommended by the Allergy Society of South Africa (ALLSA) and the UCT Lung Institute.

Talk to us about reducing the risks of dust-mite allergies among you and your family!